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Located off the busy Parramata Road, HIMALAYA RESTAURANT in GRANVILLE on Good Street forms a great venue for reception parties. The warm and welcoming staff were pleased to arrange all the requirements for Aarti & Yuvraj's reception party. The highlight of the evening which seemed to be a big favourite amongst kids as well as elders was the 'Strawberry & Chocolate Fountain' arranged by It was beautifully set up by the team and everyone seemed to enjoy it at its best.

(The chocolate fountain with strawberrys was a big hit. Contact 'Impressive Hampers' for enquiries)

The couple looked stunning for their big evening. Aarti was dressed up all in red wearing a lehengha with traditional jewellery & Yuvraj in Indian traditional wear called 'Sherwani,' they looked perfect for each other. Before the guests arrived, I took a few shots for the couple in their lovely outfits.

Once all the guests arrived and were seated, everyone was offered starters to begin with. The mouth watering food was catered by the hosts - HIMALAYA RESTAURANT, GRANVILLE. This was combined with great music for the entire evening performed by live DJ - DESI VIBES. The band definitely had great numbers to have the crowd dancing in no time. Indian Weddings are full of life, fun and food. Punjabi Weddings certainly top the list with the enormous energy and restless dancing until the night is called off.

Towards the end of the night, dinner was served and the couple performed the 'cake cutting' ceremony. It was a beautiful cake with white flower icing on the top and the guests simply loved it. The evening was beautifully organised and captured for the newly wed couple, their families and friends to remember forever.

Dipti Rathod
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