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for Indian weddings in Sydney

It is always a hard when planning a hen's night for a friend or a sister or self. Especially being of an Indian or similar cultural background and the to-be bride is supposed to be well-behaved and stay within the boundaries. However there are several things in Sydney what would rock your evening and make it a memorable party.

Never assume. It is important that the bride is comfortable with the friends/family around her during the night. Always remember, this party if for the HEN first and then everyone else. Always ask the bride and make her pick whom she would like to invite.

Where to go?
Plenty of options available for parties ranging from dinner at a lovely restaurant to a weekend away in Gold-coast. Please remember, if you are going to ask the attendees to pay for their expenses, you ensure that everyone can afford the expenses. Websites like Redballoon and Hensnight,  have plenty of fun filled options for a great hens night out. You can also discuss with other brides who have probably gone through this process and can give you pointers. One great way of doing this is visiting one of the many forums out there like the Vogue forums.

Some "safe" party ideas include: Chocolate indulgence, Wine tasting tour or the Hunter, Spa and massage treatment with your girlfriends, etc. For the adrenaline junkies, there are fun things from horse riding to V8 and 4WD rides. Remember, the aim for the "Hens night" is for the bride to have fun with her friends. This does not have to be full of the usual cliches like evening full of booze and strippers. 

Surprises are always fun as long as you know that the bride is going to be comfortable with them. If you are not sure, it's always a good idea to consult the bride before booking anything (or anyone).
Be prepared
Unless the whole group know each other well and have been friends for years, it can be hard to know how the dynamics of a hen party will work. As the organiser it is up to you to make sure the party goes with a swing, so you need to be prepared with games and activities if things start to get a bit quiet.


You can find free games and ideas at variety of websites.

and remember...
  • What happens on the hen party stays there. No one has to know the minor details of the day/evening. Be mindful of taking pictures on your mobile and posting it on web (especially when you've had a few cocktails). It may be a good idea to take a few pictures at the start of the evening and then refrain from taking any pictures then-after.

  • Always have an exit strategy for when the day/night ends. Either have a designated driver or have someone pick you up from a planned venue. It could be a good idea to rent a hotel room or similar if you are going to be staying in the CBD until late. This also could be fun like having  a slumber party for the Bride with some of her favorite people.

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