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Vidai Ceremony - Bidai custom in Traditional Indian Weddings

Vidaai Vidaai (also called Bidai ) which simply put is departure of the bride from her father's house) is a post wedding ceremony , which takes place after the wedding rituals are completed. This means that after the seven pheras (going seven times around the fire) and kanyadaan ("giving away" of the bride to the groom) this is the major ritual that takes place. During the vidai ceremony the bride is accompanied by her parents, siblings, close relatives and friends, which lead her outside the doorstep of the house. Before crossing the doorstep, she throws back three handfuls of rice and coins over her head, into the house. This symbolises that the bride is repaying her parents for all that they have given her so far. Moreover, in India girls are considered the manifestation of Goddess Lakshmi, the deity of wealth and prosperity. Thus, while leaving, the bride practices the ritual to keep wealth and prosperity intact in her home. This is the m

Marwadi-Gujarati Wedding - Indian Hindu Wedding

Indian weddings are so much fun to shoot with all the vibrant colours and rich cultural depths at each step of the wedding. Lately, I had the pleasure to shoot a Marwadi wedding which was so unique in its own way. Marwariweddings are an extravagant affair and this can be proved with the authentically impressive decor, sumptuous feasts, expensive attires, lustrous ornaments and elaborate wedding ceremony. The wonderful cultures and rituals are so different from those performed by other religios communities in the rest of India. Each part of the ceremony is named and performed a bit differently. I have briefly described the main ceremonies below with my relevant photograph from this wedding shoot. Tikka: The engagement ceremony is called 'Tikka' which usually takes place at the bridegroom's residence. It is attended by the bride's father, brother and other close relatives. In the olden days, none of the ladies including the bride accompany the men