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Indian Weddings are vibrant, musical and loaded with religious and traditional ceremonies/rituals. Grandeur, a variety of food, color, music, dancing and fun are seamlessly blended with culture and heritage in Indian weddings. Each ritual has a story or a deep meaning to it.  This chapter of the blog will discuss one of the traditional rituals of 'Fishing the Ring. I have seen this ritual performed in Gujarati, Punjabi and Tamil Weddings and always brings a lot of applauds and laughter from the newly wed and the guests. When the couple appears as man and wife before the family gathering for the first time, the big question is who will be the dominant person in  their relationship. The game/ritual of ' Fishing the Ring' is conducted to answer this question.  One of the newlywed's rings is placed in a pot of milk (or water mixed with various spices to make the water opaque). and asking the couple to 'fish'. Whoever finds the ring first i

Concord Function Centre - South-Indian Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Shree and Ashwin - a match made in heaven We met Shree for the first time when arrived at her residence in Strathfield on a bright Sydney morning. After receiving a warm welcome from her family, we were all set for the shoot. Below are some of the photos from Shree's Bridal Shoot.  From Strathfield, we made our way to the Concord Function Centre and started setting up for the wedding ceremony. Cocord Function Centre excels in providing authetic and quality traditional indian cuisine with classy interiors. This place is in the heard of Concord city and has plenty of on-site and on-street parking.  Complete Gallery is available on our website .

Gujarati Wedding Ceremony at Fairfield, Sydney

GEETI AND KAPIL'S TRADITIONAL GUJARATI WEDDING CEREMONY After the gorgeous 'e-session' photoshoot   of Geeti and Kapil, it was time for them to tie the knot. The big day arrived and I started the day at Geeti's place for the Bridal shoot which included a small ceremony/puja.  Straight after the Bridal shoot, I headed to the Ambassador Lounge in Fairfield where the wedding ceremony was to be held.  Being a Gujarati wedding, it was full of lovely and colourful dresses, friendly people and tasty food. The various ceremonies of the wedding went smoothly and it was quite an enjoyable experience shooting with the couple and their family and friends.  Overall, a lovely wedding shoot of a gorgeous couple.  Complete gallery is on our website .