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You  have chosen a life-partner for you, a date has been set, venue has been decided... WHAT NEXT?  ___________________________________________________ One of the most important part of any wedding is the bride and grooms' dresses. Lucky for you (or unlucky depending on how you see it ;-))…you’re a Indian bride/groom!  It’s great to be able to wear different dresses to your multiple wedding occasions (mehndi, garba, sangeet, ganesh puja etc). Total bridal wear  consists of dresses, jewellery, and other accessories which the Indian brides are wearing according to their culture. India is huge country and there is present lots of provinces and every province has there own tradition and their own culture. Shopping for Indian Wedding Clothes Most families prefer to travel to India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri-lanka or wherever they’re from to get their wedding clothes and jewellery. Places like Delhi, Jaipur and Ahmedabad (to name a few) are a popular destination for such shopping spr

Indian Wedding Reception-Dinner Seating and Food Serving Options

Depending upon your budget, preference and the theme (formal, classic, fun, elegant or a combination of all) of your wedding reception you may choose from various available options: a. Formal sit-down plated dinner : Also known as the "American Style" (for some reason), not only is this style one of the very formal ones but also very elegant. Each course is served in individual plates for each guests with the right amount of sauce and spicing. This require pre-arranged assigned seating for guests which means you may need additional staff/friends/family to escort guests to their table. As food is served on the table, guests don't have to wait in a queue for their food and can enjoy the evening in comfort of their seat. The choice of food will then be limited to two or three and usually caterers alternate this choice between the seat numbers unless special mean has been arranged (like vegetarian meal). This arrange will require a lot more waiting staff and will incre


PLANNING A HEN'S PARTY   for Indian weddings in Sydney It is always a hard when planning a hen's night for a friend or a sister or self. Especially being of an Indian or similar cultural background and the to-be bride is supposed to be well-behaved and stay within the boundaries. However there are several things in Sydney what would rock your evening and make it a memorable party. Who? Never assume. It is important that the bride is comfortable with the friends/family around her during the night. Always remember, this party if for the HEN first and then everyone else. Always ask the bride and make her pick whom she would like to invite. Where to go? Plenty of options available for parties ranging from dinner at a lovely restaurant to a weekend away in Gold-coast. Please remember, if you are going to ask the attendees to pay for their expenses, you ensure that everyone can afford the expenses. Websites like Redballoon  and  Hensnight ,  have plenty of fun f