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Traditional Bangladeshi Muslim Wedding in Canberra

Tathira and Stephen got married in Traditional Bangladeshi Muslim Ceremony (Nikah) in Canberra earlier this month. The following are some of the images from Tathira's Bridal shoot and the wedding. Unfortunately we did not have too much time to spare for the "bridal" shots but I think we did okay. The ceremony went very smoothly with lots of laughs, a few tears of happiness, lots of sweets (mishti), colourful outfits and lots of happy people.  Wedding ceremony took place at the bride's parent's residence - a beautiful house located in a beautiful serene suburb within Canberra. When we arrived, the street was packed with cars and house with lots of guests.  Both, the bride and the groom were dressed in traditional Bangladeshi outfits, and looked magnificent. After the ceremony part was completed, we took a few "posed" photos in the gallery with friends and family before heading out in and around Canberra for the Post-Wedding photo-shoot.

Godh Bharai - Traditional Indian-Hindu Baby Shower

Godh   bharai/Shrimant/Shaad/Seemandham/Valakappu is an Indian Hindu ceremony. The literal meaning is to fill the lap. The expecting mom is dressed like a bride and the friends and family bless the new mom-to-be with gifts - token cash and saree or jewellery in the case of close relatives. Traditionally, no gifts are given for the baby—only the mom. Everyone puts “tikka” (vermilion) on the mom’s forehead, prays for her and the baby’s wellbeing, followed by the aarti. Everyone rejoices the pending arrival of the baby.  The following are some of the images from a Gujurati-Hindu Godh Bharai from Melbourne by: Indian Wedding Photography Sydney .