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Showing of the Twin Stars Arundhati and Vashistha - Hindu Wedding Ritual

The ritual of the Groom showing the Bride the Twin Stars - Arundhati and Vashistha A Hindu Marriage is called Vivah and the ceremony is called Vivah Samskara because in Vedic tradition it is an important turning point in the life of a household and in the destiny of the souls that depend upon the Vivah for their return to the earth. Hindi Marriage rituals vary throughout India depending on the region and caste of the bride and the groom. Broadly, these rituals can be classified as pre-marriage, marriage, and post-marriage rituals. Think of the actual wedding ceremony as if it were a romantic story, where the bride and the groom come to the Mandap, separately, as if unknown to each other. Then they fall in love and ask the parents' permission to get married. During the various rituals, the couple commits to remain faithful to each other and repeat the pledge in front of the Fire God, the Agni and all the witnesses. Then, they walk seven steps together c