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Traditional Bangladeshi Muslim Wedding in Canberra

It started with a simple email from the to-be bride, Tathira e nquiring  about wedding photography packages for her upcoming Canberra Wedding. Since then, I had the pleasure of meeting both Tathira and her fiance Stephen at our Sydney studio. We discussed their itinerary for the day amongst lots of other details.  On the day... One of the most exciting weddings we shot was on a trip to Canberra. We started very early morning from Sydney stopping on the highway for a quick breakfast. We arrived at the Tathira's parent's house - a wonderful place in a beautiful Canberra residential area- and the make-up artist was almost done. She had done a fantastic job, which meant great shots for us. Tathira was surrounded by her friends and close relatives who were all so excited for her. She wore a gorgeous blue traditional dress on along with all the  jewelry and  accessories that go with it. Wedding (Nikah Ceremony): In no time, t