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Traditional Hindu Wedding in Canberra - Pam and Pete

The one good thing about photographing weddings is meeting lovely people and travelling to different places. The month of December in 2012 has been full of bridal events, weddings, anniversaries and a lot of them took place in Canberra. Pam and Pete's wedding was in the first week of December 2012. We started our day early around 0600 from Sydney with a stop at "Maccas" for coffee and toast.  Upon reaching the groom's place, we were welcomed by the groom's parents who were all ready and dressed up for narrating their son's wedding story video clip. We were offered home brewed coffee which was one of the best we have had. The groom then arrived and it was time for some candid and posed family shots. From there, we left for the bride's place. The bride was wearing a beautiful golden yellow coloured saree with an Indian hairstyle typically called 'Chotli or choti' which means pleated or braided hair. She looked absolutely stunning as she stepped