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Kanya daan Hasta Melap Vidaai Hindu Wedding

Hemangi and Nayan's Wedding, Gujarat, India Hasta Melap (Milap) Ceremony - performed after Kanya Daan has a lot of significance. It involves the tying of the groom's scarf or shawl to the bride's sari. The tying of knot and the joined hands of the couple are symbolic of the meeting of two hearts and souls. The acharya or the priest chants mantras and seeks the blessings of Goddess Laxmi and Parvati for the couple. The family and relatives witness the conduct of the ceremony and come forward to bless the bride and groom . Indian Wedding Photography Sydney E.

Indian Hindu Wedding at Curzon Hall Sydney

Like any NorthIndian Hindu Wedding , this wedding was full of tradition, emotions, fun, food and dancing. The wedding ceremony and reception dinner took place at Curzon Hall , Marsfield which is a gorgeous location by itself.  GANESH POOJA Our day started with the ' Gruh Shanti ' and Ganesh pooja at the groom's place in Blacktown. We arrived early to take some shots of the groom getting ready and they turned out to be beautiful. The ceremony was conducted by a Hindu poojari (priest) who explained the rituals along the way. The pooja took place in an hour and the guests were offered lunch. Bridal, Wedding Ceremony and Reception Dinner We departed for Curzon Hall where the bride was getting ready. By the time we reached, the make-up artist had just completed her magic on the bride (Stuti). This was  perfect timing for bridal shots.  Stuti looked gorgeous in her blood red outfit and all the Indian accessories that go along with it. Its only